Friday, May 12, 2006

Patriotic Holidays Unit Study - includes Memorial Day!


Memorial Day is approaching quickly, and this is the perfect time to introduce your children to a fun way to learn more about American history while having a great patriotic adventure!


The Patriotic Holidays Unit Study contains four one-week studies, and is now downloadable right to your computer. You and your family can learn about each holiday the week before or after the holiday, and make some wonderful memories. These patriotic holidays are so important, and so many children don't have a clue about the meaning and story behind each one. The holidays studied in Patriotic Holidays are:

Memorial Day (May)

Flag Day (June)

Independence Day (July)

Veteran's Day (November)


Here's the link to the Patriotic Holidays Unit Study. If you want to purchase the downloadable format, there is a link to that in the ordering section at the bottom of the page.


We are gearing for a patriotic summer! We are planting red, white and blue flowers in pots for the front porch, along with big pots of bright red geraniums. We hang a HUGE airplane kite in our great room, pull out all of the Uncle Sam collection and of course, the red, white and blue bunting will be hung soon. Now, if I could just remember where I put the parts for the homemade ice cream freezer...



Amanda B.


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  1. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday! May you find true joy in your children and the blessing of motherhood.

    Praise God for allowing us such a wonderful, life changing experience as raising His children!

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