Thursday, May 11, 2006

Favorite Books of Childhood


Just curious - what books have your kids enjoyed for summertime reading? Better yet, what did YOU enjoy for summertime reading when you were a kid?

Way, way back in the dark ages when I was a child <smile>, the town's bookmobile made rounds to our local recreation park every other week. I LIVED for those visits! I think I read every Marguerite Henry book in print, along with any and all books about space and pioneering adventures, and books about Australia, and mysteries. To this day, in my mind I can still hear the clanking of the card-stamping machine in the bookmobile, building up my pile of books that were carefully carried home in the basket of my bicycle. Treasures!

Our children have enjoyed reading through the summers -- we lighten
up the studies over the summer and focus on pleasure reading and pursuing new interests. From Dr. Doolittle to all of the Little House books, and the Avonlea adventures along with Anne of Green Gables. They read through so many of the older Childhood of Famous Americans - - the ones that are now out of print, but some of the best ever written. We read about pioneer life, survival skills, quilting, seashell crafts (when we lived on an island), and all kinds of books about animals and nature. There is a series that I believe is called the Square Foot series, with titles like Square Foot of Backyard, Square Foot of Pond, etc -- fun!

OK, your turn - what did YOU read, and what have your children enjoyed?

Amanda B.

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