Sunday, May 7, 2006

Free very cool science experiment book!

In case you missed it in the newsletter, you can download the entire
160 page great book for $0.00 through tomorrow morning, when will switch to a new free book offer.

No, you don't have to print the whole thing! That's the beauty of
downloadable books -- just print the pages of what you want to use.

Here are the details:

Super Science Concoctions was $12.95   only for this weekend: $0.00
Kids explore a world of amazing science—from capillary action to density to emulsions to plastics—all while making fun mixtures they concoct themselves! More than 50 science mixtures, using household ingredients! This is a real find - 160 pages of science fun and wonder - and the cost to you is $0.00!

Have fun - using books like this to explore and have fun at the same
time can bring science to life for kids AND parents.

Amanda B.

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