Monday, October 14, 2013

Combining Download N Go, Unit Study Adventures, and Passport Geography in Your Homeschool

We often hear from homeschool moms who love Download N Go (DNG) and love Unit Study Adventures (USA), and are crazy about our Passport Geography titles, and are trying to find ways to combine them all. Perhaps you are homeschooling several children of all ages. You want to use DNG with your younger children, but they're not age-appropriate for your 8th-grader. Yet, you desire to keep the subject matter of your homeschool similar for all of your children. 

I thought it would help if I put together some ideas for you to use, to make this process easier. Each subject category will list one or more 4-week USA studies with a few DNG units that mesh well with them. I’ve also matched up the Passport titles with the topics. Hope this helps!

Subject:  Oceans
USA: Oceans, Sailing Ships, Lighthouses
DNG: Whale Tales, Dolphin Days, Sunny Seashells, Summer Sensations, Sensational Sharks

Subject: US History
USA: Patriotic Holidays, Trains, Lighthouses, Sailing Ships
DNG: George Washington, Davy Crockett, Prairie Pioneers, Lewis & Clark

Subject:  US Government
USA: American Government, Patriotic Holidays
DNG: Constitution Celebration, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Independence Day, Flag Day

Subject: Space
USA:  Space
DNG: Magnificent Moon

Subject: Flight

USA: Flight
DNG: Amelia Earhart, Kite Capers, Magnificent Moon

Subject: Thanksgiving
USA: Thanksgiving
DNG: Autumn Treasures, Prairie Pioneers, Hoppin' Popcorn

Subject: Christmas
USA: Christmas
DNG: Expedition Israel, Crunchy Cookies, Winter Wonders, Bountiful Bread

Subject: Easter

USA: Easter
DNG: Easter Promise, Expedition Israel, Spring Surprises, Bountiful Bread

Subject: Animals
USA: Horses, Dogs, Oceans
DNG: Handsome Horses, Astonishing Animals, Terrific Tigers, Creation Camouflage, Sensational Sharks, Incredible Insects, Goofy Gecko, Dynamic Ducks
Passport: PP France, PP Germany, PP Italy, PP United Kingdom

Subject: Art & Creativity
USA:  Scrapbooking
DNG:  Crazy Cartoons, Creative Composers
Passport: PP France (Louvre, Monet), PP Germany (Mozart, Beethoven), PP Italy (Michelangelo, da Vinci), PP United Kingdom (Beatrix Potter, C.S. Lewis)

Subject: Sports
USA:  Baseball, Olympics 2014
DNG: Simply Soccer, Football Frenzy, Discover the Brain, Discover the Senses

Subject: Food
USA: Gardens
DNG: Pizza Party, Chocolate Challenge, Hoppin' Popcorn, Bountiful Bread, Crunchy Cookies

Subject: Outdoors
USA: Gardens, Pioneers
DNG: Roller Coasters, Cavernous Caves, Twisting Tornadoes, Volatile Volcanoes

Subject: Technology
USA: Digital Photography, Auto Racing
DNG: Rocking Robots, Roller Coasters, Creative Composers

I hope this helps get you started imagining how you can use both Unit Study Adventures, Download N Go®, and Passport Geography™ titles together in your homeschool--creating exciting days and making things easier on you, the homeschool teacher!

Amanda B.

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