Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coffee Talk: Enjoying the Harvest - Part 1

Harvest... the end of the growing season... clearly signaled by bright orange pumpkins piled high at roadside stands, the spicy tart smell of apple butter cooking at local orchards, and the excitement of local fall harvest festivals. It is a season of reflection, gathering in, enjoying the fruits of your labor.

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned over the years of homeschooling is the importance of enjoying each moment of harvest in our lives, whether it is the accomplishment of a child finally learning to tie their own shoes, the excitement of reading their first book all by themselves, the time "they" point out how pretty the trees look, and many other times where the end product slowly but surely peeks out in the midst of daily life.

When we first started homeschooling, we were keeping our eye on the "finished product" goal, completely overlooking the daily accomplishments or "moments of harvest." It is these moments of harvest that I wanted to make you aware of -- that they should be recognized, savored, and remembered.

Our "harvest" is not seasonal like a farmer's crop -- our harvest is lifelong, as we love, nurture and encourage our family each and every day. And yes, there are days when this is a TALL order, and it is those days that we can recall the good "harvest moments", days when goals were reached, or thanks was given, or smiles and laughter rippled around the dinner table.

In the next Coffee Talk, we'll talk about harvest moments in homeschooling. Enjoy these days, and savor the moments. You are getting there! There are days that feel like you are riding in bumper cars instead of walking a smooth and level trail, you know - the one that you were expecting when you started homeschooling. ;) Stop for a minute, catch your breath, and thank Him for having the ultimate plan!

Amanda B.

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