Monday, September 9, 2013

Life and Kids and Our Creator

I've got my favorite mug of coffee on hand, and I'm sitting at the kitchen table, wishing I could share the view. This is the time of year that the kids were always very aware of what was going on outside, watching the changes in all of the living things that happened to share the mountain with us. As much as we could talk about God and His creativity and sense of order, the observations of living things in a close and personal way left them knowing Him better, and wanting to know more.

All it would take was a question to get them wondering and trying to find answers - "Why do you think it does that?" or "What do you think that it eats?" That's one of the best things that can come from the time spent outdoors - conversation that captures their attention and lights up their curiosity.

If you can get a child to see the wonder in a few of the things that are there for the viewing, you'll have their attention. From the amazing lines and patterns in a spider's web to the patterns of leaves from different trees, show them the uniqueness of each of these. Go outside with them for a short time each day, to walk, draw, read in the shade of a tree, or simply lie on the picnic table and figure out what kinds of clouds are in the sky at the moment.
Teach them to celebrate and explore life and all of Creation. The lessons last a lifetime, and the wonder of God's creativity never loses its sparkle as it is handed from one generation to the next.

Amanda B.

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