Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumn Traditions

Finally! Autumn arrives this weekend, the leaves are beginning to change, and we are heading to the apple orchard. The cider is sweet and the apples are perfect, and our hearts help get our minds ready for a new season. Planning, learning, and investigating receive more of our attention—along with projects around the farm and the need to split and stack firewood to get ready for cooler weather.

We have many traditions that have developed over the years for the arrival of autumn, and a toasty morning fire after the weather turns cool is a fun one. We also collect gourds, pumpkins, and squash that are the end-of-season garden picks for Dad to make a fall sculpture down the driveway to greet our guests. This is a big tradition in our area of the country. People work on some amazing autumn lawn displays from their produce, mixing in chrysanthemums and other autumn treasures. It is fun to cruise the country roads to see the creations.

What kind of autumn traditions do you and your family enjoy? Come on, share!

Amanda B.

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