Monday, April 22, 2013

Get Ready to Tune In . . .

Creativity and kids—perfect together! This new Download N Go® study, Creative Composers, combines both creativity and music in a way that will capture their curiosity and wonder. The composers included in this study are among the greatest in history, and their stories of trials, challenges, and successes offer unforgettable lessons. These composers are Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin, and their music provides a fantastic base for learning. 

In this study, your child will learn about these composers and their music. Students will see performances of these men’s compositions from all over the world, along with getting a better understanding of how we hear music! Each day, your student will explore and investigate, creating and adding more learning components to his Creative Composers lapbook—building a wonderful reminder of all that he is learning to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Choosing this topic for the next title in the Download N Go® series was fun. This is the first DNG title that focuses on one of the arts, and it opens wide the door of learning to classical music. From the study of music and musical instruments to the workings of the orchestra and the instrument sections—this study is a fun journey through the world of classical music and much more. 

Enjoy a lively toccata with breakfast or a stormy fugue at lunchtime. Meet the instruments of the orchestra, discover some of the musical instruments in the Bible, and let your child use the interactive instruments to compose his own music in Creative Composers!

Creative Composers is on sale this week for just $5!*

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