Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our God is Extraordinary

Extraordinary:  Far beyond the common; remarkable; rare; wonderful.

God is extraordinary! He is amazing, and is as far beyond “ordinary” as you can find. Just when we think we understand Him, He surprises us with out-of-the-ordinary miracles and wonders. Once we realize that He is extraordinary and unlimited in what He can do, our faith begins to get stronger and more expectant. Never, ever limit God with weak expectations or failing faith—He is extraordinary in His love and power. He works through us and around us, and expects our faith to be at least that of a mustard seed! 

“God did extraordinary miracles through Paul.” (Acts 19:11)

PS. In these weeks before Easter, my blog posts are focusing on a word describing God that begins with a letter from the word HOPE - this week's letter is E. Come join the celebration at our Easter Facebook co-op

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