Monday, March 4, 2013

Holy is the Lord!

Holy: Pure in heart; free from sin.

“Holy” is the word of the day, as we begin our search for words that describe God with the letters in HOPE, the theme of our Easter Facebook Co-op. Holy is His name, born in a stable – the Son of God! When using the Easter Unit Study, I always began with the birth of the Lord, so that the children could begin at the beginning of His life and see the connection between Jesus, the infant, and Jesus, our Savior.

Join us on Facebook as we move into the very heart of our faith and learn about the message of Easter!

PS. In these weeks before Easter, my blog posts are focusing on a word describing God that begins with a letter from the word HOPE - this week's letter is H. Come join the celebration at our Easter Facebook co-op!

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