Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 6: 12 Days of Christmas with Amanda Bennett

On the 6th day of Christmas, I hope I win the prize.....a brand new Kindle, JUST MY SIZE!!

Today, we're celebrating the 6th day in our 12 Days of Christmas special!

We hope that you've already taken a couple of minutes to enter to win a Kindle.  All you have to do is enter your email address at the bottom of the 12 Days of Christmas webpage, click the "Win a  Prize" box and submit, and you'll be entered to win in our drawing on January 7!

Now back to the specials! Three of our favorite Amanda Bennett Unit Studies are available to you for $5.95 each! The titles include:

Digital Photography One of the things that is most amazing in children is their sense of wonder. When you capture their interest, you capture their sense of wonder and open the door to learning. This new unit study on digital photography helps to capture their wonder and investigate the world around them, while learning about science, history, geography, and art at the same time. Using this four-week unit study, they will learn about how a digital camera works and how to use one. They will also learn about some of the basic elements of good composition and other important aspects of taking a good picture.

American Government The people and events in the history of American government tell a tale that brings the basics of our government to life. Who exactly were the Founding Fathers, and why are they still such hot topics of debate? Why did they want to not only break away from England, but form a new and very different form of government? Just exactly what was the “Great Compromise” and what difference did it make? And, by the way, wait until you learn about the Electoral College and the real reason for its creation. 

Horses From a stick horse to a rocking horse, we are introduced to horses at an early age, and continue to be mesmerized by them throughout childhood. With thoughts of being cowboys and cowgirls, children play in imaginary haylofts and ride magnificent horses in their minds. This study uses this interest and curiosity to help them learn about history, science, geography and the care and keep of horses.

Each title is downloadable and ready for your immediate use! Enjoy!

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