Saturday, August 1, 2009

Homeschoolers Dream Garage Sale

This week brings the start of the World's Longest Yard Sale here in the valley - the Highway 127 Garage Sale 

Fun and amazing stuff to be found, but makes moving through town difficult for tractors and regular folks! Wish you all could be here to find some great unit study projects!

What would you look for if you were here? Here's a list of some of my favorites:

Clear storage tubs

Building blocks of all kinds (always adding to our collection - fave of kids who come to visit!)

World globes (under $1 each if you keep watching)

Clear vases, boxes, and other good vessels for growing seeds plented along the walls of the vessel - so that the kids can watch the plant go from seed to rooted plant

Old computers, electrical appliances, keyboards, etc - for kids to dismantle with adult supervision - hands on learning

Fun cookbooks for kids - many printed years ago for teaching kids in the kitchen

Quart canning jars to use for "Gifts in a Jar" creations for Thanksgiving and Holiday Gifts. Our favorite recipe? Friendship Soup Mix!

OK, enough of my list - what would yours contain?

Amanda B.

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