Thursday, January 8, 2009

Listen to Homeschool Mom and author on Focus on the Family!

From Tricia Goyer, author of the GenX books and Christian fiction:

"Focus on the Family! 
A dream realized!
In every person's life there are "big dreams." They are the ones that seem unreachable, yet are fun to think about just the same.

This week (1/8 & 1/9) you'll have the chance to experience one of my dreams with me by listening to my broadcast on Focus on the Family Daily Radio!

Listen in to Focus on the Family on your local station! Listen live here! Or ... if you can't tune in, request a copy of the broadcast here:

Part 1 (Jan. 8th)
Part 2 (Jan. 9th)

Also, as a BONUS I'll be chatting on the Focus on the Family Marriage Forum. Come chat with me!

Finally, if you like the broadcast, please email FOF and let them know you'd like to hear more broadcasts for Gen Xers ... and those in our generation! Also, thank them for having me on!"

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