Friday, January 2, 2009

Big Surprise Announcement!

Inauguration 2009 Unit Study

Just in time to start the new year of studies, the brand new Inauguration 2009 Unit Study! Whew - I have learned so much about inaugurations after writing this one. I think that I'll get quite a bit more out of the actual inauguration celebration now, and I hope you and your family will, too! Start this on Monday and have some fun.

It is always exciting to see newly elected representatives take their place in our government, and this coming presidential inauguration is certainly history in the making! With the election of our first African American president, there is going to be so much that happens that is of historical significance, making a great unit study for learning about the inaugural process and the American presidency, as well as making memories from this very special occasion in American history.

This study will allow you and your family to take advantage of this special moment in history, helping learn more about the new president and the inauguration process, as well as some important facets of American history. Get on board, and get ready for a fun and interesting learning expedition. Some of the topics of this study include:
History of presidential inaugurations
History of some of the American presidents
Responsibilities of the President of the United States
Learning about President-elect Barak Obama and
Vice President-elect Joe Biden

This new two-week study will provide an understanding of what will be happening and the significance of each part of the transfer of power in Washington. We will be looking at the history of inaugurations in America – when and where they took take place, how the ceremony changed as the times changed, what was said during some of the inaugural addresses, and much more.

So, are you surprised? :-)  I hope so - I know that lotsa folks aren't looking forward to getting back to studying next week, and I wanted to write something just for YOU!

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