Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year from the snowy Appalachians!

I hope this finds you warm and resting up from a memorable holiday season. If you are like our family, you've shared plenty of laughter, good food and a few colds. 2007 was a year to remember, and I believe that 2008 holds some great adventures. I look forward to the start of a shiny new year, glancing through the calendar and noting all the birthdays and anniversaries to be celebrated, along with special days and holidays that add to the fabric of our family life.

Last night, we were surprised by a snowfall here in the Appalachians, and it was beautiful. There is nothing like snow settling in the hills and hollows of these mountains. When the sun comes up, the snow and ice on the pines glitter like diamonds - what a way to begin the new year. I will never forget the first big snow that fell after we moved to the mountains. We woke up to a world absolutely covered with snow - creating a winter wonderland. We spent the day building snowmen and snowdogs, learning to make snow angels (we had just moved from Florida), finding out the difference between sledding on a sled and sliding on a cookie sheet, and so much more. Life lessons - painted in our memories and etched on our minds. Never forget to have fun and learn right along with the children. Sweet memories and new knowledge that everyone shares - some of the simple pleasures and treasures of homeschooling.

For the moment, I am keeping busy with homeschooling, writing, and attending basketball games here, there and everywhere. One of our sons has discovered this new sport, and at 6'4" he thinks he likes it!  And in a month or so, baseball begins. So, I will be traveling to plenty of games for two sports this year, and consider myself blessed that he has this opportunity. I don't know about you, but all of our children were completely different in their interests as they grew older. It has not always been easy, but we have worked to help each one develop their unique gifts and talents - and we have learned so much in the process. From mock trial competitions to volunteer work at the local veterinarian, baseball to basketball, learning how to grow trees to tearing apart the engine of my van - will wonders never cease? I hope not - this is the stuff that dreams are made of!

Amanda B.

P.S.  Don't forget that Easter is early this year - March 23rd. If you are going to use the four-week Easter Unit Study, you can begin it on February 25th to complete it during Easter week.

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