Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Free Valentine Gift from me to YOU!

I almost forgot to mention my gift - Words of Love from the Bible.

This free gift includes copywork pages for both lower and upper levels, using Bible passages that teach us about love. This ebook also includes coloring pages. It is called Words of Love from the Bible.

Once upon a time, several years ago, I was in a very bad auto accident and had to have many surgeries. In the midst of this, a friend suggested that I take the time to find each mention of LOVE in the Bible, and write them in a journal. I did this, and I still treasure those special words of love. I put some of them together in this book so that children could see just how much the Bible teaches us about love. I hope this blesses you and yours, and that you remember just how much He loves you.

Here's the link:

Amanda B.


  1. I needed this! Thank you.

    Donna Scott

  2. Thanks so much! Sounds like a great lesson plan.




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