Monday, April 9, 2007

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Hello, and welcome to a chilly week of spring! We've set record cold temperatures here in Tennessee this weekend, and it looks like we still have another week to stay warm. I knew it was going to be cold, but when it started snowing this weekend at a varsity baseball game, we were in for a LONG night. The game was great, the hot chocolate tasted better than ever, and we had a very special Easter weekend. After the first night of very cold weather, I walked outside and noticed that all I could smell was foliage - frozen dead leaves filled the air with their sweet pungent smell. Everywhere I looked, the bright new growth had all turned brown and was wilted on the massive oaks and poplars - this on the morning before Easter, how appropriate to see death at every turn. However, by Easter morning, the smells of dying leaves had blown away and the sunshine exploded over the mountain with the sunrise, reminding us that He rose and saved us from death!

We had a wonderful Easter celebration of His resurrection, and I hope you and your family also had a holiday full of memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the weather as it begins to warm up again, and enjoy the outdoor world with your children. This is a beautiful time of year to explore, and the cold weather should hold the pollen and insects at bay for the time being. Don't forget to take pictures of the smiles and mudpies, dirty hands and feet - they will disappear all too quickly as time flies by. Sit out by campfires and watch for shooting stars, listen for the giggles and the happy laughter, and know that you are helping them enjoy their childhood.

Many of you know that the upcoming weeks are a very special time for our family as we look forward to the graduation of our oldest child from veterinary college. I regularly receive emails asking how "we did this" and I wanted to say that God gets all of the credit and glory for this accomplishment. Along the way, He provided some very precious people to help our child in this endeavor, and today we give thanks for all of you that are working hard to help homeschoolers and their families. Many thanks for each and every one of you - you are making a difference for generations to come.



On The Road Again!

In my speaking travels, I am blessed to meet so many great people and  families. I recently returned from a Christian homeschool conference in Cincinnati and it was one of the best that I have ever been involved with. For those of you who stopped by to introduce yourselves, thanks!   This was the first conference of its kind in this area, and what a devoted group that hosted and coordinated the conference, and the people attending the conference were such a blessing. If you are interested, they are already planning next year's conference, and you can learn more at their link

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From My Book Pile:

The Last Sin Eater
By Francine Rivers / Tyndale House
It's an Appalachian burial tradition that fascinates 10-year-old Cadi. A mysterious man has just "absolved" the sins of her grandmother by eating bread and drinking wine at her gravesite. Consumed with guilt over her own unrighteousness, Cadi seeks the same redemption from this "sin eater"---while she's still alive! Is this man really the absolver of sins?

Summer of Light
By W. Dale Cramer / Bethany
After a bizarre accident, construction worker Mick Brannigan hangs up his hardhat to become a stay-at-home dad. Chafing at the role reversal, his wife, Layne, resumes her legal career. But is Mick up to the job of raising three small kids? And what truths will they both discover about what's most important in life?

The Dead Don't Dance
By Charles Martin / Westbow
Young marrieds in love, Dylan and Maggie Styles are awaiting the birth of their first son. When the baby is delivered stillborn and Maggie slips into a coma, Dylan finds everything he's known thrown into doubt. Will it take another tragedy to awaken him from his stupor and open him to new life?


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