Friday, April 13, 2007

And a laugh for those of you who raise boys!

While on a recent convention trip, I noticed a title in a store that caught my eye, and made me laugh!

Who Put the Skunk in the Trunk

I didn't have time to pick up the book and see what it was about, but it certainly reminded me of some of the antics that sons can come up with on a moment's notice. There - made you smile, too!

Amanda B.



  1. Just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE your unitstudies. My son is 14 and NOT a textbook kid. We tried a science textbook for a couple of pages and he told me he didn't remember what we just read. So I decided unitstudies for science was what we wanted.

    We are now working on Space. We love it

    He used the computer to make his notebook cover. He took pictures of space and put them all together for his cover. It really turned out great. It took him a couple of hours but I just let him go on it.


  2. TOO funny! You brightened my day, Amanda. Thanks!!

  3. Oh! And I gave you the Thinking Blogger Award in my post here: :o)


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