Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Space Unit Study - a find!

Hello everyone!


I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you are enjoying a week that is a bit more peaceful - no more cooking, there are plenty of leftovers, hopefully!


I am hard at work on the new Space Unit Study - and loving every minute of it. There is so much to be learned, and with each book that I write, I feel so blessed to get such a thorough education. 


The wonder of the heavens takes my breath away, and it is my prayer that this unit study will help your children share in the excitement.


While walking through Sams Club a few weeks ago, I found a special book - titled "Universe" - a coffee-table size book, full of wonderful pictures of all kinds of things in our universe. The photography is stunning! If you have a family member that is interested in space, stars, galaxies, telescopes, etc -- this could be a great addition to their library. Please note - like so many resources on space, it includes the big bang and evolution of life from "primordial soup" as factual information in the early chapters.


Here's the book information:


Universe:  The Definitive Visual Guide 
(and yes, I am VERY much a visual learner!)
Published by Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 0-7566-1364-7
512 full color pages, oversized coffee table picture book


From the back cover:


Comprehensive Night Sky Atlas, covers all constellations and shows the sky as it appears from all parts of the world


Complete Catalog, features profiles of the planets and their moons and the most stunning stars, galaxies, and supernovae.


Short Histories, learn aout the study of astronomy and the development of spaceflight.


Chapter titles:

What is the universe?
The beginning & end of the universe  (Big bang info here)
The view from Earth
Exploring space
Guide to the Universe
    The Solar System
    The Milky Way
    Beyond the Milky Way
    The Constellations
Monthly Sky Guide


It retails for $50.00, and it was $29.95 at SamsClub. I hope this helps - wish I could show you some of the pictures! Here's the link to the publisher's descriptive page - includes links to see parts of the book:




When I grow up, perhaps I should be an astronaut? 


Amanda B.

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