Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Last Day of American Government Sale!

Election Sale on American Government Unit Study!

From now through midnight tonight (November 7th -  Election Day) - this CDROM study is on sale for only $10.95, and the CDROM includes a bonus of the American Government Notebook Pages. Here's the link:


Don't forget to VOTE!

Amanda B.


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  1. I would like to get your advice. I home school my 7th grade daughter and she is very bored with her studies and doesn't want to do her work. I have tried all different kinds of curriculem over the past three years of homeschooling her and have come up short each year as far as exciting her with learning. She is a hands on learner and wants me by her side constantly while she does her work, which is not always possible. I just don't know what curriculems to use that will challenge her and will also cover all of her required studies. Do you have any imput on this. We recently moved to Tennessee from Florida (and we love it here).


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