Friday, December 30, 2005

End of Year Sale is Cooking!


One more day and the sale will be over! Things are moving quickly, so don't wait...


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Enjoy the savings - and thanks for your support in 2005! Watch for the next Unit Study Newsletter - exciting news is on the way!


Happy New Year,
Amanda Bennett
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Making it count - an anniversary to remember...


The house is quiet now, and my coffee and keyboard are calling! I've got a few new books to finish, along with an article to complete - but I thought I'd first sip my coffee and share a few thoughts about an important anniversary this morning.


We are enjoying a blessed holiday season here, with family and friends, kids home from college, and plenty of love and laughter. Last night, when everyone else was sleeping and I could not stop thinking, I remembered a holiday season ten years ago, when the kids were so much younger, and we were only 3 years into our homeschool adventure. It was a holiday season that would change our world and our family forever.


We spent the week between Christmas and New Years traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains in search of snow for our very Floridian children to see -- a new experience for them. While we were traveling, my husband and I talked about many things, including just how long we would homeschool - through 6th grade, or high school? Our perspective was one of getting the job done and moving on -- we had a lot to learn.


On December 29th, a drunk driver changed our perspective forever, and I must admit that the lessons that we learned from the awful accident that he caused changed all of us, and it changed our hearts in the best way possible. Yes, there were physical injuries that will not improve this side of heaven, but the changes in our faith and family have been astounding.


There on the side of the mountain, a miracle occurred and we were spared - and I will share it with you one of these days. I have written about it in my new book, and it still brings me to tears of thanksgiving and praise. Let me just say that when the EMTs first arrived they were getting out body bags – they didn’t think that anyone had survived!


That night and in the long nights of surgeries and recovery, we learned many lessons. We learned, first and foremost, that when God says He will never leave you or forsake you, He means it. We also learned that life is not a checklist or a dress rehearsal – it is a one-time gift from God, intended to be used wisely, as He wills it.


Homeschooling had been an item on our checklist before the accident. After the accident, we realized that homeschooling was an opportunity to share with the children – our faith, our love, life’s lessons and the importance of family relationships. I realized that while we had been busy looking to the finish line, we had been stumbling over individual needs and so much more.


Take each day and thank God for it before your feet even hit the ground in the morning. That part about life being as a vapor – gone in an instant – it is true – I’ve lived it firsthand. There are no guarantees about how much time you will have with your children – it is in God’s hands, trust me on this – been there done that. Carpe diem!


When it gets right down to it, what is THE most important thing that you can teach your children? Teach them about Jesus and the gift of His life for their salvation. Someone once said that you can’t take anything to heaven, except your family and friends!


While we won’t have a cake or party for this anniversary, we will give thanks for what we have learned and the eternity that we have all gained – priceless gifts from above.



Amanda B.

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Happy New Year,
Amanda B.


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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Looking to roll into the new year with some homeschool fun?

Don't forget tha the Trains Unit Study is on sale for one more week! Here's the link:


With the Trains Unit Study (4 week study with 20 daily lessons at 2 different age levels), the CDROM also contains the following bonus books to use with the study:

1.  The Railway Children, by Edith Nesbit
2.  Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive, by Victor Appleton


Plan now to begin 2006 with some FUN learning - check out all of the Internet Specials at:


Blessed Christmas,

Amanda B.


Monday, December 5, 2005

Drum for Christmas?


Thinking of a drum for Christmas? Somehow this story from 1891 reminded me of a few industrious homeschool children that I know or have met!


A small Detroit boy was given a drum for a Christmas present, and was beating it vociferously on the sidewalk, when a nervous neighbor appeared, and asked, "How much did your father pay for that drum, my little man?" "Twenty-five cents, sir," was the reply. "Will you take a dollar for it?" "Oh, yes, sir," said the boy, eagerly. "Ma said she hoped I'd sell it for ten cents." The exchange was made, and the drum put where it wouldn't make any more noise, and the nervous man chuckled over his stratagem. But, to his horror, when he got home that night there were four drums beating in front of his house, and as he made his appearance, the leader stepped up and said, cheerfully, "These are my cousins, sir. I took that dollar and bought four new drums. Do you want to give us four dollars for them?" The nervous neighbor rushed into the house in despair, and the drum corps is doubtless beating yet in front of his house.


Merry Christmas,

Amanda B.


Start the Christmas Unit Study Today!


That's right - you can begin the Christmas Unit Study today at home and join in the fun and learning about this very special Christian holiday. Now in downloadable format, you can read more about it and see preview pages at:


You can purchase the study and download it immediately and take off on a new adventure. This new format has proven to be very popular since it was announced just last week - I think that it is such a blessing to be able to jump right in and begin without waiting for the disc to arrive!


Merry Christmas,

Amanda B.


Saturday, December 3, 2005

Some holiday fun!


As we roll into the holiday season, we are having fun! For those of you who are experiencing our wet & cold weather, I think you all might enjoy a few new titles that are now downloadable - just for fun:

Hand Shadows - For Kids of All Ages
When we were small, I remember my mom turning us all loose with a flashlight in the dark hallway of the house, and we had more fun trying to make hand shadows with an old library book on hand shadows. This book was originally published in 1859, and all that is required for loads of laughter and hours of occupation is a flashlight - laughter usually follows as giggles and imagination abound!

Chocolate & Cocoa Candy Recipes - originally published in 1923
For any fellow chocoholics, go check this one out and drool over the recipe list on the book preview! Today, I am trying out the Chocolate
Gingerbread and perhaps the Chocolate Pecan Pralines. I love the holidays!

Keeping warm by the fire and enjoying this day,
Amanda B.