Saturday, December 3, 2005

Some holiday fun!


As we roll into the holiday season, we are having fun! For those of you who are experiencing our wet & cold weather, I think you all might enjoy a few new titles that are now downloadable - just for fun:

Hand Shadows - For Kids of All Ages
When we were small, I remember my mom turning us all loose with a flashlight in the dark hallway of the house, and we had more fun trying to make hand shadows with an old library book on hand shadows. This book was originally published in 1859, and all that is required for loads of laughter and hours of occupation is a flashlight - laughter usually follows as giggles and imagination abound!

Chocolate & Cocoa Candy Recipes - originally published in 1923
For any fellow chocoholics, go check this one out and drool over the recipe list on the book preview! Today, I am trying out the Chocolate
Gingerbread and perhaps the Chocolate Pecan Pralines. I love the holidays!

Keeping warm by the fire and enjoying this day,
Amanda B.

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  1. Hi Amanda!

    I love your books! I keep them around and look through them for ideas quite often. I was soooo excited to see that you are on Homeschoolblogger! I look forward to reading your posts!



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