Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Overstock Unit Study Special

Join in the savings and bring in the new homeschool year with new adventures:


Title:                                       Sale Price:    Regular Price:

Oceans Unit Study                   $8.00             $14.95
Pioneers Unit Study                 $8.00             $14.95
Lighthouses Unit Study           $8.00             $14.95
Gardens Unit Study                  $8.00             $14.95
Heroes of Chivalry                    $8.00             $14.95
Unit Studies 101                      $25.00             $34.95

Sale prices good through 12/31/05
only while supplies last!


Enjoy the savings - and thanks for your support in 200z5! Watch for the next Unit Study Newsletter - exciting news is on the way!


Happy New Year,
Amanda B.



AABennett Books, Inc.

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  1. Your stuff is so cool! I hope you sell all of it. Hey, did you have a Merry Christmas? Hope that 2006 is the year we finally meet! God bless and have a wonderful New Year!



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