Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And Then I Met Winter the Dolphin!

Do you know who Winter the dolphin is? Well, I do, and during a trip to Florida, I got to see Winter and plenty of other rescued sea animals at the Clearwater Aquarium! As we approached it, I couldn't believe the lines and lines of people, all waiting to get into the aquarium, and most of them were there to see Winter. As we waited our turn in line, we went past some very interesting signs that let me know that Winter is a very "social media" kind of animal--she is on both Facebook AND Twitter! 

As we moved along in line, we stood by a very interesting rescue van--remember the one in the movie Dolphin Tale?

Once we entered the aquarium, we were greeted with a VERY toothy grin!

Then we moved on through walls of fish of all kinds--all were smiling, of course!

Once we moved through the aquarium walls and displays, it was up the steps and on to the world of outdoor tanks, where injured and recovering sea animals live and play. This sea turtle LOVED my camera and kept coming right up to my feet for a picture--see him smile? He was adorable!

The story of Winter's real rescue is a bit different than the one told in the movie, and we learned so much from the trainers as we walked along the tanks of several dolphins. I learned SO much. As the trainers work with the dolphin, they are actually doing physical therapy!
I didn't know this--Winter only wears the artificial tail when she is having therapy. Here she is in her own tank. She swims around this tank without her tail, and she jumps up on a float when she needs to take a break! :)

Winter is a beautiful dolphin with a wonderful story and message for all, and I had a FANTASTIC day! Dolphins are such beautiful animals, and kids are captivated with them--so anxious to learn more and see how they swim, and to watch them smile. :) 

Just another piece of God's amazing creation, and the tale of a dolphin not to be missed!

Amanda B.

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