Monday, March 28, 2011

A Note from Amanda...

The past few weeks have had me crisscrossing the continent like never before, and I have seen some amazing sunsets and sunrises from far above the Earth. However, one of the most stunning views was that of the moon last week when it was at its fullest and most magnificent. It took my breath away! What a perfect reminder of God's love for us and His specific creation of the universe and all that it holds. As a child, I memorized Genesis 1, and to this day, it gives me goosebumps to walk through this passage and picture His power!

From the introduction to Magnificent Moon:

"What can compare to this universe that God has created? From the smallest star in the sky to the full harvest moon, God has made each one and fashioned them with amazing and unique features. Let the children see and learn about His creation from some of his mightiest handiwork. The moon is right there in the sky, within easy reach for study and observation, and it is one of His most interesting creations to children who are just beginning to understand the vastness of the universe..."

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