Monday, August 16, 2010

See what others are saying about Download N Go!

"We have just started homeschooling our eldest son (10 year old).  We started over the summer with our first unit study - Download N Go Sunny Seashells. I did this with my two eldest boys (7 and 10 years).  It was great! We had so much fun.   I had researched styles and decided we wanted to try a unit study approach but I had just thought along the lines of studying one particular 'topic' a a time and incorporating different acedemic subjects.  Using the Download N Go has given me a better insight into how different unit studies are from text books.  My boys did not do a huge amount of 'book work' learning but discovered and learnt sooo much!  We live near the coast in England and spent many days on the sea shore exploring shells with such a better understanding.  We also used the unit as a base for branching out into fossil hunting too!  I absolutely loved this unit and am so excited about moving on with my son in September!!!" ~Tracy from England

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