Saturday, February 23, 2008

For those of you who long to move to the country...

Many of you have written to let me know that you are patiently waiting for my book on moving to the country - thanks for your patience! I came across this list that made me laugh, hope you enjoy it, too:

Top 10 Reasons Why Farming is a Great Occupation

As some of you know, we have a tree farm and nursery here in the Tennessee mountains. In addition to growing all kinds of container trees for landscaping, we also produce container daylilies used by landscapers.

As farmers, we have learned to make use of every opportunity to work indoors when the weather is wild outside. I wish you could see my house this weekend! At the moment, the guys are spending the weekend splitting thousands of daylily bulbs into separate fans in the basement, by the woodstove, watching their favorite movies as they work. They bring load after load up to the basement back door, and work from that load. The basement floor is covered with plastic, and they get busy splitting. My job? Well, since I can kill a silk plant with one look - my job is FOOD, making sure there's food! And you all know that I cook using the smoke detector method, right? ;-)

So, it isn't glamorous, but it is always interesting!

Amanda B.

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