Monday, December 3, 2007

An awesome new book for Christmas!

Have I found a terrific new book! It is called Magi: A Novel, by Daniel L. Gilbert. I enjoyed this book thoroughly and it opened up a whole new perspective on the study of Christmas. From the publisher,
Paraclete Press:

"One bright new star appears in the night sky.

One ancient prophecy foretells a king.

Everything will now change.

Finally, a full and far-reaching novel about the travels of the magi, or wise men, that combines history, astronomy, prophecy, legend, and culture, to culminate in a life-changing meeting with the new child
king, the Messiah. No other novel in history has brought together such a human and historical portrait of the travels and the search for the One who changed history.

One star. One king. One man's journey.

Ramates discovers a new luminary in the sky. What begins as his darkest day leads the hunter-priest on a journey to follow an ancient prophecy. A new star on a new course that will lead him to a new
country to see the foretold king. Untold fame awaits this first man to anoint the Deliverer with myrrh, but the inner gift Ramates discovers proves to be just as important. He confesses a dark secret and offers a gift more valuable than the oil of myrrh, the power of frankincense, and the weight of gold."

The author, Daniel Gilbert, is a professor at Tennessee Wesleyan College - and I'm going to meet him at a book signing next week! I've got all kinds of questions, as this book has made me think and wonder
more about the magi and others who met our Savior so long ago.

Here's the CBD link if you want to read more about it. I've also seen the book at local Christian bookstores and regular bookstores.

Blessings on your Christmas journey,
Amanda B.

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