Friday, January 27, 2006

Winter Olympics - get ready for some learning fun!

FINALLY - the new Winter Olympics Unit Study is available in a downloadable format! It is a complete four week study, and you can see a sample on the download page. Here's the link - click on the download button to go the page with the sample:

Winter Olympic Unit Study


Join our free Yahoo unit study group as we get ready to launch this study this coming Monday from around the world -- it should be GREAT! Here's the link:

Amanda Bennett's Unit Study Group


And before I forget, the Athletes of the Bible Study is on sale through 1/30/06, and it is a wonderful companion study when learning about the Olympics.


So, grab a globe and join us for a great adventure! I discovered that used globes can be purchased for less than a dollar at garage sales, so keep watching. We have so many globes that the boys discovered how to remove the globes from the stands and created their own game - "global bowling" in the hall! But, that's whole new story...


Join us as our international Yahoo group launches into the study - so much to learn, so little time!



Amanda B.


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