Sunday, October 30, 2005

Not too late to start Thanksgiving Unit Study on Monday!


For those of you who haven't ordered the Thanksgiving Unit Study yet, take heart! The first week of the study is sent out via email when you order the Thanksgiving study now, so that you can get started on it while waiting for your complete unit study on CDROM to arrive in the mail.


My Thanksgiving Unit Study is a four-week study, and if you would like to have it complete in time for Thanskgiving, this Monday, October 31st, is a good time to begin. Join in the learning adventure, and make memories for a lifetime.


If you would like to join a whole BUNCH of people that are working on the Thanksgiving study, join our Yahoo Unit Study group at:

Amanda Bennett's Unit Study Group


Remember, the Christmas & Thanksgiving Unit Study set is only on sale through tomorrow ($19.95 for both studies) AND SHIPPING IS FREE through the end of Novemeber!



Amanda B.


If you get a chance, visit the website, and let me know if you like the new look!

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