Friday, September 30, 2005

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Amanda B.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ever have a difficult time finding the right words to comfort?


I have discovered the perfect book for finding what to say and do to really comfort those who are hurting. It is "The Art of Helping" and the author is Lauren Briggs. As we raise our families, we often run into all kinds of situations with family and friends where we want to know what we can say or do that will help our loved ones through a difficult time. Some of the chapters offering ways and words to help include miscarriage, loss of a child, loss of a spouse, chronic illness, loss of a job, and many more. I HIGHLY recommend this book for all of my friends - it is a wonderful answer to the question of "what can I say in this situation that will comfort?" --  helping us nurture and encourage others when they need it the most.  Here's the description:


"How often have you wanted to offer comfort and hope to a friend who was going through a tough time, but didn't know what to say or do? Therefore, you did nothing and felt awkward about it. We have all been there at one time or another, which is why everyone needs this book! It is a must have as a reference to know what to do and say when friends and family are hurting. Whether your friend is facing divorce, the death of a child, cancer, the loss of a job, infertility, and estranged or rebellious child, a chronic illness, or other tough issues of life, you will find help through each chapter as they give simple instructions and suggestions that take away that fear of reaching out when someone is going through a rough time. The book includes quick and easy recipes for meals (you may want the book for these recipes alone) that will meet the needs of the recipients without breaking your budget. Lauren Briggs has given us the tools we need to reach out and make a difference in the lives of those whose worlds have been turned upside down. With The Art of Helping you will be able express your feeling in a positive, uplifting manner that a hurting person will understand and appreciate."


Here's the link:


I don't think you will be disappointed - and you will be ready to offer comfort and help in meaningful ways at just the right time.



Amanda B.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Autumn Learning Links


Autumn Learning Links

Create a mini-memory book about an event or field trip (apple orchard, pumpkin picking,...),2025,DIY_14228_2274411,00.html


Aurora Activity Indicator (scroll down to the middle of the page - look for the map)


Apple-Picking or Pumpkin-Picking
Visit the advanced search page of Google and type in your state or county in the first box and then type "apple picking" or "pumpkin picking" in the Exact Phrase search box. (Remember to turn the SafeSearch filter "ON" at the bottom of the search page!)


Preserving Autumn Leaves


Homemade Applesauce Recipe


Crockpot Applesauce


Applesauce Recipe


Applesauce Recipe


Apple Dump Cobbler Recipe


PBS Kids: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood - Applesauce Recipe


Simple Apple Coloring Page


Apple Coloring Page


The Story of Johnny Appleseed


Biography of Johnny Appleseed


Impossibly Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe from Betty Crocker


Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe


Fall Activities Links


Looking for a conference speaker?

It is already beginning – the invitations to speak in the coming season of conferences! If you are interested in having me speak at your state conference or church group, please let your state organization or church know of your interest. The conference coordinators typically welcome suggestions, and they can find more information at's_speaking_schedule.htm



Looking for a conference/retreat speaker?


Looking for a conference/retreat speaker?

It is already beginning – the invitations to speak in the 2006 season of conferences and retreats! If you are interested in having Amanda speak at your state conference or church group, please let your state organization or church know of your interest. The conference coordinators typically welcome suggestions, and they can find more information at's_speaking_schedule.htm

Unit Study Tips



You know how it goes – the more that you learn, the more there is to learn! Just when we think we've figured out our direction with our children's education, along comes something new or flashy or different, and uncertainty creeps into our minds – are we doing enough? Yes, this happens to most of us at one time or another, and you aren't alone in your questions.

Many people switch to unit studies when they are fed up with textbooks, or their children are bored, not learning, resisting more workbook pages – you get the picture. Unit studies are very attractive, but there are many of them on the market and such a wide variety!

My first tip – think of YOUR family, your children – what are their interests and how can you get them interested in learning? Not an easy task for many of us, until you hit upon a method that works for your crew. Are they interested in science and experiments more than history? Do they enjoy a healthy diet of independent reading? Do they have special interests – like space or cowboys, ballet or dogs, pioneers or fishing?

Your success with unit studies can well depend on the ability to capture their interest with something that they are already curious about – giving them ownership of the study or investigation, and whetting their appetite for more learning using their interests and discovering their unique gifts and talents along the way. That's exactly what has happened in our family, and we are so very thankful for the freedom of homeschooling and the wisdom to "think outside of the box," encouraging the children's interests and uncovering so many ideas and topics to investigate along the way.

A good unit study will make your life easier and their learning more exciting and interesting, allowing for better retention of the material, as well as helping develop lifelong learners. In my opinion, a good unit study should not make more work for you, adding layers of additional responsibilities and projects to your already hectic schedule.


Choose a unit study carefully – try to match your family to a study that "fits" their style. It is easier to change the curriculum than the child – remember! If possible, buy a component or single unit study to begin with, and then try it out – how does it fit with your family? Picture them at home using the product that you are considering – can you see them looking forward to working on the unit each day, asking to do more in the days that follow? Keep these things in mind – and enjoy the learning experience!


Until next time,



Christmas/Thanksgiving Unit Study Sale!


Special October Sale - Thanksgiving and Christmas package!

While quantities last, we are offering a special on the Christmas & Thanksgiving Unit Study Package - for only $19.95 you can receive both of these studies on CDROM. Take advantage of this special offer and get ready to enjoy a blessed holiday season with your family, building memories together. Over the years, we've come to anticipate this season at our house – time for learning and for preparing for a season of love and thanksgiving. Join us in our celebration – time is flying by so quickly, and the days are getting shorter. Thanksgiving is on November 24th this year -- less than two months away!

SEPTEMBER 30, 2005!

Autumn is here in the mountains!


Happy Autumn! It's finally here, and the tips of the maple leaves are just beginning to show some color. With the approach of cooler weather, the animals have been on the move here in the mountains. Just this week we have spotted deer, turkey, fox, and a wolf! So much excitement, and everyone is enjoying the out-of-doors with the cooler mornings and evenings.


With the move back towards studies and learning, autumn has always provided a rich season for outdoor focus. Whether it is a trip to apple orchard for those first tart apples or a day at the local pioneer/Native American festival, opportunities for learning seem to be around every corner. This past week we visited the local apple orchard and learned about the importance of crop rotation - while learning that the usual pumpkin crop that grew around the orchard was not being grown any longer.

There is so much going on these days, and it is easy to be swept up in the mayhem.


Don't forget to get outside when you can and enjoy the evening sky. We are getting ready to have our first star-watching bonfire in a few weekends, and looking forward to it. Visit this site to download a free night sky map for your area  If you would like to learn more, check out - a great resource for sky-watchers.


We are having a special sale now, offering a Christmas & Thanksgiving unit study package - check out the Internet Specials page ( )

I know that prices on so many things are rising so rapidly, and I would like to help you celebrate the approaching season -- it is so important to our families and our faith.


Blessings to you and your family,